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Hiding In Plain Sight by Eoghan Egan. Review

Book Description


A vicious serial killer roams the Irish Midlands-his sight always set on the next victim.

A successful businessman finds the perfect recipe for getting away with murder.

No bodies, no evidence.

No evidence, no suspect.

High art and low morals collide when graduate Sharona Walters discovers a multi-million-euro art scam. She delves in, unwittingly putting herself on a direct trajectory with danger as the killer accelerates his murder spree.

When Sharona gets drawn into the killer’s orbit, she peels away his public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath.

Suddenly, the small town has no hiding place…


Review for 'Hiding In Plain Sight' by Eoghan Egan.

Read and reviewed via NetGalley and Audible for Eoghan Egan, NetGalley, Audible, City Stone Publishing and Zooloo's Book Tours.

Publication date 23rd February 2023

This is the first book I have read by this author. It is also the first book in the 'Ganestown Crime Series'.

I was originally drawn to this book by its fantastic eye catching cover and its intriguing synopsis and title .I must admit I was also biased due to the publisher being City Stone Publishing. I have yet to read a book published by City Stone Publishing that I haven't enjoyed. Hopefully this won't be the first... Watch this space! (Written before I started reading the book).

This novel consists of 13 chapters. The chapters are medium to long in length.

This book is written in third person perspective and the main protagonists are Hugh Fallon, 'The Art Dealer' and Sharona Walters. The benefits of third person perspective with multiple protagonists are that it let's you see the bigger picture of what's going on and you get to know more characters more, what they are thinking and what they are doing. It feels like you get to see the whole picture and not miss out in anything.

The first thing I have got to bring up when writing about this book has got to be the layout of the chapters!! The chapters are all written in "mini sections" according to the part of the day the action is going on, e.g. morning, evening, night. This is the first time I have seen this in any book that I have read and considering I have read hundreds that is saying something!! I absolutely loved it as it really gives the reader the perspective of timelines and when everything is going on which helps to bring the story to life. I did find it to be a slow burner and it took me a while to get into it but when I did it was like I had jumped onto a rollercoaster where it is slow to get to the top but after that you are taken on a ride of twists, turns, shocks, murder, suspense, mystery, tension, violence and so much more!! It touches on topics that include the #MeToo movement, murder, crime, fraud. Alzheimer's, business, gambling, relationship problems among others. there are several storylines going on together and Eoghan manages to weave them perfectly together without causing any confusion to the reader. I absolutely loved the Irish atmosphere, surroundings, characters and dialogue included throughout which again ensures realism for the reader. I loved that we got to see from the killers perspective which gives the reader a front seat view to absolutely everything that is going on from the killings to the investigations while still managing to create several surprises that you wont see coming. It is a fantastic start to what promises to be an addictive series and I cant wait to get stuck in to the next book in this series which is called 'The Other Side Of Fear'. I did work out who the art dealer was before it was revealed but don't let that put you off. I have read hundreds of books so it really is getting harder and harder to shock me and I still enjoyed the book which also says a lot as I am normally put off a book once I worked out something I wanted to shock me. This just goes to show how well this book is written for me to still enjoy it, that and the fact that I was actually fascinated by the art dealer's brilliance and how clever he is! This is a multi-layered psychological thriller with a chilling killer that seems to be constantly one step ahead of everyone else.

It is always worrying when starting a new series as you have no idea who the characters are. It is very important for me to bond with not only the lead protagonists but also any characters that may make repeat appearances during the series too. I read approximately half of this book in paperback and listened to approximately half on audio book. I must also give a huge congratulations to the narrator Emily Rainsford who not only brought the storyline to life by really portraying the emotions through his voice but by doing absolutely fantastic impressions of males and females so a HUGE congratulations Emily!! I cannot imagine that this was anywhere near an easy feat!!! I am looking forward to discovering more books read by yourself as you definitely have a perfect "book" voice!! I sometimes struggle to absorb the storyline through an audio book but if you are the same as me I can promise you will not have that problem with this amazing narrator!! The characters are all well rounded, strong, realistic and seem to leap out of the pages at the reader. The main characters are Hugh, The Art Dealer, Ferdia and Sharona and we get to see what is going on through their eyes. I absolutely loved Hugh and my heart really did go out to him as he never seemed to catch a break with life just kicking him while he was down. However, whilst many people would just start giving up and getting down Hugh just keeps pushing on and seems to get stronger after every knock down. He is a sweet guy who always seems to put others before himself and is the type of friend I would love to have in real life! I also liked Ferdia and how close Hugh and Ferdia become while enjoying their chats together. I really liked Sharona who is an intelligent and strong woman who managed to catch the killers eye. She is another character that refuses to back down and is determined to discover the truth. They all have fantastic relationships/friendships and I enjoyed watching them bond throughout the book giving each other much needed friendship, warmth and humour during dark, gritty times. 'The Art Dealer' may not be likeable but I have got to admit that he is very intelligent, chilling and believable and makes a fantastic "bad guy"! Regardless of whether you love or hate the characters they each come together to make this an absolutely fantastic crime thriller that just keeps giving and I cannot wait to meet the main characters again in the next book 'The Other Side Of Fear'!

Overall a chilling, action packed, psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages.

Genres covered in this novel include Mystery, Suspense, Tension, Serial Killers, Murder Fiction, Hard-Boiled Mystery, International Mystery & Crime, Crime Thriller, Crime Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Serial Killer Thriller, Psychological Fiction, Murder Thriller, Suspense Thriller, Serial Killers and Murder amongst others.

I would recommend this book to the fans of the above as well as to anyone looking for a fantastic action packed psychological thriller that starts a series of perfectly!

411 pages/ 9 hours 18 minutes

This book is just £2.49 on kindle, free on kindle unlimited, £8.99 in paperback and £16 for the Audiobook (at time of review) via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!!

Rated 4/5 (I enjoyed it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook.

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews

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Author Bio

A native of Co. Roscommon, Ireland, Eoghan wrote his first story aged nine.

At college, he studied Computer Programming, works in Sales Management & Marketing, but his passion for reading and writing remains.

Eoghan’s work got shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize, and Listowel’s 2019 Bryan McMahon Short Story Award Competition. His novel was a contender in literary agent David Headley’s opening chapter Pitch Competition, and during March 2019 and April 2021, Eoghan’s entries won Litopia’s prestigious Pop-Up Submissions.

A graduate of Maynooth University’s Creative Writing Curriculum, and Curtis Brown’s Edit & Pitch Your Novel Course, Eoghan divides his time between Roscommon, Dublin and Southern Italy.

The first in his trilogy of crime fiction novels, Hiding in Plain Sight was released in 2020. Book two, The Other Side of Fear was published in 2022. Book three is due for publication in January 2024.

When he’s not writing, Eoghan can be found at literary festivals or headbanging at heavy metal gigs.

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Eoghan Egan
Eoghan Egan
11 квіт. 2023 р.

That's an amazing, well thought out review, Kirsty, and I'm humbled. A thousand thanks for taking the time to tell your readers in such detail what you thought of the novel. That level of detasil isn't expected, but when it happens... it's soooo good. Also, big thank you for mentioning Emily, my narrator. (She's a special talent, but don't tell her I said that!!). Hope you enjoy book 2 in ther series, and thanks again for all the support. All the best,



Zoe O'Farrell
Zoe O'Farrell
11 квіт. 2023 р.

thank you so much for your fab review and for supporting the tour x

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