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Hear It From Me

Check out what reviews are coming up for the rest of this year :

  • A Body At The Altar by Dee MacDonald 

  • Twelve Days To Save Christmas by Elizabeth Neep

  • The Little Christmas House by Tracy Rees

  • The Guilty Sister by Arianne Richmond 

  • The Last Time She Died by Zoë Sharp

  • A Letter From Nana Rose by Kristin Harper 

  • The Silent Mother by Liz Lawler 

  • To Save My Child by Emma Robinson 

  • Every Little Lie by Lesley Sanderson

  • The Parents by Claire Seeber


  • Frozen Souls by Rita Herron 

  • Blind Date by Wendy Clarke 

  • My Mother, Munchausen's and Me by Helen Naylor

  • The Second Marriage by Jess Ryder 

  • Her Mother's Cry by Roberta Gately 

  • Stolen Ones by Angela Marsons 

  • The Dark water girls by Maegan Beaumont 

  • We live next door by Laura Wolfe 

  • The Girl across the sea by Noelle Harrison 

  • Missing Daughter by Kiersten Modglin 

  • The Widow by K.L Slater 

  • The Safe place by L.A Larkin 

  • Murder on the pier by Merryn Allingham 

  • Cranberry Inn by Barbara Josselsohn 

  • The new wife by Sue Watson 

  • Her silent husband by Sam Vickery 

  • Dead mercy by Noelle Holten 

  • The new family by Victoria Reynolds 

  • Death on a winters day by Verity Bright 

  • Fallen angel by DK Hood 


  • The Girl In The ground by Stacy Green 

  • The life she wants by Mel Sherratt 

  • White is the coldest colour by John Nicholl 

  • When evil calls your name by John Nicholl 

  • I'll never tell by Casey Kelleher 

  • Murder at the castle by Lisa Cutts 

  • Daughters of magpie cove by Kennedy Kerr

  • Vanishing point by Greg Olsen 

  • The drowning girls by Lisa Regan 

  • The Lost promise of Ireland by Susanne O'Leary 

Book titles may be changed and books that are not on this list may also be reviewed. 

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