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Blue Lunar And The Apex Grail by Ricky Baxter. Extract.

Check out this absolutely epic looking and sounding book!!! I'm gutted I couldn't squeeze a review in but read on for an extract!

To learn more about this book, read more about Ricky and get your copy just keep reading.

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Book Description

In a world where the gods have long deserted mortals, a powerful sorcerer emerges from a 100-year-old prison. Releasing an army of beasts, he enters a path of destruction while searching for an ancient relic.

Tasked with challenging the darkness, a pure and naive-hearted boy named Luke embraces his destiny to defeat the wizard - for the promise of a better tomorrow.

Equipped with a divine armour, fashioned by the most powerful goddess, Luke will journey across the land in pursuit of the dark sorcerer, making unforgettable allies and bonds along the way. However, as a long-buried tragedy slowly comes to light, the boy will question everything he believes in… including his destiny


Deep within the dark forest, where the trees are tall and ominous, the very light of the blue moon is blotted out. The leaves tremble and flutter, due to more than just the wind. A deadly presence has made the forest an abode, causing the fowls of the air to soar away desperately. Upon the ground, the squirrels and rabbits flee with terror, as the insects follow suit like a mass exodus.

Despite the unknowing threat, a single woman runs fearlessly towards the centre of the dis- turbance - riding upon her trusty steed. Sporting a dazzling white fur coat, she tears through the wind as her long golden hair flows behind. Her unicorn steed possesses a natural glow, like a won- drous firefly in the night that gallops bravely.

Sporting her left eyepatch, the woman bears a determined gaze - overcome with panic.

“We must make it in time!” she proclaims - growing even more worried by the second. The cause for her concern is due to recent news. The local villagers reported a kidnapping by a ferocious monster. A pair of adults had been snatched away by the beast that has been said to delight in tortur- ing its victims slowly. Naturally, the woman’s sense of morale refuses to allow an innocent person to suffer. However recently, her sense of justice has begun to wane.

As a Stigma Child, her existence is both envied and feared. For far too long she has gotten used to the same result, regardless of a civilian’s safety. In the end, they have always found a reason to detest her. She knows this story far too well, and yet there is something inside her that wants to believe that this time will be different.

“Pick up the pace, Starlight...” she pleads to her steed - breaking a sweat upon feeling many eyes upon her. “Damn... we are being followed.”

A week has passed since the fall of Spiritus, and the three heroes have been continuing their journey. Upon assessing the actions of the dark wizard, the three have concluded that his next target is Ergo, the capital city of the land Superbia, which houses the ancient relic known as the Apex Grail.

Eventually arriving in the land of Superbia, the friends stop within a vibrant forest on a warm day. Schools of chirping birds adorn the blue sky - bringing a sense of life and prospect to all those under the shining sun. However, with all the hopefulness the day brings, there is one boy whose heart remains shrouded with guilt. According to his two comrades, the city of Spiritus and all within it were destroyed by the energy blast of his all-powerful sword. He too remembers it well, as he tussled and struggled against the wizard of despair. Since then, the young hero has kept to him- self - rarely communicating with anybody.

Choosing to be alone he finds a quiet spot within the forest to think and reflect. Sitting upon a large rock he hangs his head in silence and shame - his mind recollecting the scenes of his failure. Almost half of his hair has turned completely grey, reminding him of the frighteningly cryptic words of the magic-wielding nemesis.

“He was too strong for me. Even with all this new strength of mine, I still lost” he says to himself while gripping his forehead with mental anguish. “I... I killed all those people. I destroyed the whole city. It is all my fault!”

His stomach turns with disgust at the realisation of his actions, along with his heart that cries with regret. “What in the world was I thinking? Somebody like me could never hope to save any- thing. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want to risk harming anybody else.”

“Giving up so soon?” Comes the voice of the blue moon goddess, appearing short meters behind the weeping adolescent. Whereas before he would jump with surprise or simply greet her with a smile, now her presence is almost unwanted as he keeps his back facing the deity.

“What do you want, Diana?” He asks in a cold and disconnected manner, surprising the di- vine woman. “It is not as though you have come to make things easier for me.”

Author Bio

Ricky Baxter is a London born, fantasy author of novels and short novellas. He is an avid blogger, giving advice and thoughts to fellow creators from all walks of life. Starting out as a composer after graduating with a Ba(Hons) in music and multimedia, Ricky worked for many independent short film directors, gaining notable IMDB credits. Since then, he has embraced his earlier passion for writing fictional stories.

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Zoé O'Farrell
Zoé O'Farrell
Sep 08, 2023

Thank you so much for taking part in the tour and for your support x

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